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Our Specialities

Cooking means also sharing feelings and emotions.
A simple menu, fair prices and a family business characterize Lo Stuzzichino.
The quiet atmosphere and environments attention to detail are the setting for a cuisine based on quality and authenticity.
My father Paolo, an experienced cook, my mother Filomena, my wife Dora and my cousin Raffaele Rispoli are in the kitchen and have charge of cooking.
Fish and vegetables are the essential ingredients of our cooking.

Hors-d’œuvre: mixed vegetables or a mixture of fried food such as rice croquettes, stuffed pizzas, and mozzarella or baked aubergines.
First courses: Home-made pasta and soups are worth a taste: the typical Neapolitan soup with vegetables and boiled meat or the savoy cabbage and chestnut soup, or cannelloni, or pasta and beans, or still home-made pasta with seafood.
Fish: fried anchovies, fish rolls stuffed with smoked cheese,fresh fish in tomato sauce, shrimps in salt & pepper sauce.
Cheese:typical Neapolitan cheeses
Desserts: ricotta cheese and pear cake, cream cake and lemon cake.

Extensive wine list mainly regional.

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